Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Soup Cans Interview: Jackie Johnson

Regular readers of Soup Cans are familiar with one of our most popular features: "Jackie Johnson Fashion Watch." We're absolutely stoked because our fav LA news personality, fashion and weather extraordinaire Jackie Johnson herself, recently took the time to answer some of our questions. The KCAL 9/CBS 2 weathercaster spoke to us about her desire to chase tornadoes, her trendy wardrobe, and (sorry to disappoint all of you single guys out there) her upcoming wedding.

You've said that you're "fascinated by weather." When did this fascination begin? Was it sparked by something specific?

Yes! I have been fascinated by the weather since I was a little girl! Science was always my favorite subject. When I was in Elementary School I did my 5th grade science project on the weather. I used my own weather instruments and logged the weather for an entire month.

I think growing up in Michigan had a lot to do with my interest in the weather...we had severe storms every spring and summer, and extremely harsh winters. I loved the excitement and bit of fear I felt when my parents got us up and took us into the basement in the middle of the night when the tornado alarms went off. And I would have to say, like most kids, I took extreme interest during the school year hoping for just enough snow to warrant a "snow day!"

People complain about the lack of actual weather in Southern California. How do you feel about reporting the weather in Los Angeles?

Although I do miss the intensity of tracking the tropics during hurricane season, Southern California weather actually keeps me quite busy! Here we have so many different microclimates that we actually give forecasts for many different locations. For example, yesterday it was cloudy and in the 60's along the coast, but we were also dealing with record heat in the triple digits and excessive heat warnings in the valleys and thundershowers in our mountains!

We're obsessed with the outfits you wear each night during your broadcasts, mostly your impressive collection of belts. Where do you like to shop in LA?

Thank you very much! I am very flattered! I have seen your "Jackie Johnson Fashion Watch" and have to admit a few times before getting ready for work I thought to myself "What would Soup Cans say?"

The wonderful thing about LA is there are so many places to shop! I wish I had one particular store, that would make it much easier. I enjoy being outdoors so my favorite shopping is walking down Melrose/Robertson and in Santa Monica. Oh, and my friend also sells clothes so I am able to get great deals, thank goodness!

And yes, I do wear a lot of belts...my mom always told me they make the outfit look "finished."

Have you ever experienced any frightening personal moments involving weather?

I would say they have been a little more "exciting" than "frightening." But this is coming from someone who would love to chase tornadoes! One moment that comes to mind is when I worked in Miami, I was driving to work at 3am to cover a tropical storm that was moving in. To get to work I had to drive over the Key Biscayne bridge and the wind was blowing so hard I thought my car was going to blow off the bridge. About an hour later the police wouldn't let anyone drive on the bridge...

Have you ever had someone complain to you about an imprecise weather forecast you had made the day before?

Yes, we do get that every so often. But more often I seem to get "Jackie, can't you do something about this weather we're having?!"

Linus of Hollywood wrote a song about you titled "Jackie Johnson." Did you find that flattering or a bit creepy?

I found it very flattering and I like the song!

You live in tremor-prone LA. Do you buy into the theory of "earthquake weather?"

In my meteorology classes in college, we did not cover that theory. I do find it interesting when Californians tell me about their "earthquake weather" theories and how their personal experiences can attest to the theories.

Finally, we hear that you've recently become engaged. Congratulations! Who's the lucky guy and have you set a date?

Yes, thank you! I am very happy. His name is John Kidd and we will be married sometime next June. He is a former NFL player and now runs his own telecom company.


Anonymous said...

Too bad she doesn't seem to know much about numbers and fractions. A couple of years ago, she was rattling off rainfall totals for the area. The amount of rain for selected cities and towns was shown in 1/100ths of inches.

So as she's mentioning the totals, she first referred to one area that had something like .32 as "a third of an inch." Okay, that worked, but then when an amount read .40 she called that "a fourth of an inch" and she thought .50 was "a fifth of an inch."

Guess all that being in love with science doesn't include knowlege of junior high school math.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Soup Cans! My husband and I both love Jackie and her weather forecasts!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the first response has a thing against Jackie Johnson...I've read this same comment in another article...are we a little jealous? Maybe in the same business?

I and all my friends love Jackie...she's great at what she does and she is LA's favorite News personality! Hope she stays here!

Anonymous said...

Laura Diaz is still the hottest!

Anonymous said...

I'm confused...was this article about laura or JACKIE...

Anonymous said...

I like Jackie. I think she is a good communicator and she is very pleasant to listen to and watch. The first comment DID have a lot of truth though. . .that is pretty bad if you call 0.4 inches a "fourth of an inch" or whatever. Oh well, people make mistakes, and the response to that comment is true to; I think someone IS jealous. Anyways, it doesn't matter, because she is in an awesome market, she is doing great, people love her, and I'm sure she is enjoying every minute of it. So when people come on to these blogs and talk crap, it just shows how much you WISH you were in her place, otherwise you wouldn't waste your time, unless you are just a grumpy person that finds flaws in people you admire to make yourself feel bigger. Jackie is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Jackie is only on air for looks. There are MANY weather people that are better than her that should be on air for what they know. Period.

Anonymous said...

I love watching Jackie give the weather report. She reports clearly, and she makes me feel really relaxed and confortable while watching her on TV.
How old is Jackie?

Anonymous said...

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Hieu Nguyen Ngoc said...

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