Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Soup Cans Interview: Courtney Friel

Courtney Friel is one of those television reporters who, even though she's not yet 30, has seemingly worked just about everywhere. You've probably seen her on E! Entertainment, the Oxygen Channel, Extra, KPSP in Palm Springs, Court TV, the Travel Channel and everywhere in between. These days you can catch her on Fox News Channel, where she is the cabler's popular entertainment reporter. She spoke to Soup Cans about a slew of topics including what it's like to be married to a journo who works for a non-FNC cable news network (hint, it's not MSNBC) and she also addresses rumors of rumored Dynasty-like clashes in the studio with one of her colleagues.

How did the gig with Fox News come about?

Well...I went on a date with Roger Ailes...OMG- I'm joking!! Actually- the process was pretty standard. My agent sent FOX a DVD (which had 2 reels on it- entertainment and local news). Then- I flew to NYC for an interview. Next- I got an offer- so I left LA and moved to the Big Apple! I’m in my third year at FNC already!

Rachael Ray recently said she doesn't regret the sexy photos she posed for in FHM in 2003. How do you feel about the bikini pictures you posed for in FHM & Maxim a few years back?

I’m lucky I even had the opportunity to be in those magazines...which only came about as publicity for the show I was hosting at the time- the “World Poker Tour” on the Travel Channel.

Any truth to the report on some websites that there is on the set animosity between you and Julie Banderas?

I just ran into Julie and we laughed about this "rumor." We were on a weekend show together for 6 months and “message boards” imagined a catfight. We hang out socially. I pretty much like and get a long with everyone. I’d rather have a drink with my co-workers than compete with them! I feel really blessed to have met so many great friends through FOX.

After the jump, Courtney lists some of her favorite travel destinations and reveals the nickname she's been anointed by America's favorite prime-time curmudgeon, Simon Cowell.

You seem very close to your family. How do they feel about your success?

My fam lives in Philly. I get to see them more often now that I'm back on the East Coast. They're happy for me and know I've worked hard to get where I am. However, the “TV” part doesn’t faze them. They’ve seen my mug on air since high school. My sister and Grandmom can’t even watch FNC because they refuse to get cable!

You're married to Carter Evans who recently joined CNN. What's it like to be married to a journalist who is working for a competing network?

I like that we’re both in the news biz. We’re constantly watching TV- flat screens everywhere- in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room (of our 1 bdrm apt). The problem is deciding which channel to watch, and we analyze everything! (If allowed, we’d make the best Nielsen Box candidates!) As for the competing network factor- I suppose I could get some inside scoop off Carter’s computer, but please, the last thing I want to do after being on FNC’s INews system all day is look through CNN’s INews (Too many shows to watch on the DVR!).

What's your favorite story involving a celebrity you've interviewed?

There have been some funny moments- but I'm not going to embarrass anyone famous- or myself! My favorite celebs to interview are the Idol guys…Simon, Randy and Ryan…I’ve hung out with them a couple times. Simon calls me “Trouble."

You pop up on Red Eye every once in awhile. What's Greg Gutfeld like to work with

"Red Eye" is hysterical. Greg, Bill (Schulz) and Andy (Levy) crack me up- they're good guys and we’re friends. My cat Tucker stays with Bill when I go away. I’m hoping Bill will fall in love with my new puppy Stoli and want to take them both together next time- hah!

We hear that you love to travel. What are your favorite top 5 travel destinations?

#1-Rio de Janeiro. I've been there 3 times. Love the culture, beaches, and partying.

#2-Buenos Aires. The city is like a combo between Paris and NYC...and very affordable.

#3-Rome. The architecture in amazing- the men are beautiful!

#4-Hawaii. My hubby grew up on Oahu and all my in-laws live there. Not a bad place to have to visit once a year!

#5-Next up- I really want to go to Cape Town in South Africa and Cairo, Egypt.


Anonymous said...

Fun, adventurous and very, very sexy. Sounds like my kind of girl! Too bad she's taken.

Anonymous said...

She is great and with a sense of humor too. One of the hottest girls on TV. Love the joke(?) about dating Roger Ailes!

Anonymous said...

Not a fan of Courtney Friel. She can be unprofessional with the comments she makes and the way she twists her chair back and forth while on the air. Pretty annoying...